Safety Kids Earmuffs/Kids Hearing Protection, Adjustable Headband Ear Defenders for Infants, Children Hearing Protectors


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Safety Hearing Protection Kids Earmuffs Junior Earmuffs For Children, Baby Ear Protection, Infants, Small Adults, Women – Padded Ear Protection Headphones – Comfortable and Adjustable – Noise Protection Against Hearing Damage

Perfect for your child’s active lifestyle:
SafetySound earmuffs are designed to work in a variety of settings. From sporting events to concerts to noisy shopping centers and airports, his ears stay shielded and protected. They’re powerful enough to block out the loudest of noises, from gardening equipment to power tools.

Comfortable enough for little ones:
If it’s not comfy, kids won’t wear it. Both ear cushions have plush padding to sit comfortably against the ears. Their lightweight and low profile design means kids won’t even remember they’re wearing them, even while enjoying their favorite activities.

Prevents overstimulation, even for children on the autism spectrum:
Young toddlers, or children with auditory processing issues or autism now have a stylish way to block outside noises to prevent overstimulation. These earmuffs will help lessen noises from crowds while out shopping, mom’s vacuum cleaner or rambunctious siblings playing in the next room. They offer your child a quiet “time out” to regroup, reducing behavior issues and undo stress.

Easy to carry, easy to store:
The foldable design is easy to transport in your purse or child’s backpack.

  • The cover made of ABS material, noise reduction 22 SNR
  • Lightweight and comfortable to suit little ones. Padded ear cushions offer superior comfort and fit
  • Foldable for easy storage and portability. Adjustable, so they fit children as young as six months and as old as grandpa
  • Ideal for blocking noise caused by large crowds, airports, sporting events, garden and household tools, or any other troublesome noise
  • Perfect for kids on the autism spectrum for blocking out crowds and other triggers