SafeKIDS luminous sticker, YELLOW, 13 stickers for pushchairs, bicycle helmets and more


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SafeKIDS – Safe through the darkness. – Made in Germany!

For road safety. It is not only cyclists who should be clearly visible in the dark. Pedestrians and especially pedestrians with pushchairs should be identifiable early on from a distance to oncoming cars.

This is why you should upgrade your pushchair with our self-adhesive SafeKIDS reflectors and make walking in the dark much safer – for yourself and especially your child!

Our SafeKIDS reflectors are self-adhesive and adhere both to the frame of the stroller as well as on all fabric covers, which increases safety enormously.

In the Highway Code is set, that bicycles are only suitable for the road if they comply with legally stipulated lighting equipment. Take your safety into your own hands and make your pushchair easily visible in the dark.

Our SafeKIDS reflector stickers

  • Self-adhesive and available in many colours.
  • Do not only stick them to the frame of the push chair, but also to the fabric.
  • Resistant to oil, grease and cleaning agents.
  • Unobtrusive during the day, in the darkness they reflect light in all directions – this will make you visible to vehicles much faster.
  • Reflect without additional tools (without batteries).

Reflection and luminosity

  • The SafeKIDS reflectors reflect light for up to 160 m.
  • Approaching cars can thus detect pedestrians with pushchairs from a distance of 160 m.
  • Without reflectors, a pedestrian can only be seen from 30 m.
  • 13 reflecting SafeKIDS luminous stickers for added security!
  • Made in Germany! Self-adhesive. Water resistant. Long lasting. Top quality.
  • Very easy and quick to put up. Peel it off, stick it on, done!
  • Suitable for prams, bicycles, walking aids, helmets and much more.
  • Sizes / measurements: 7 points of 25 mm Ø / 2 strips x 190 x 25 mm / 4 strips of 45 x 25 mm