Education Toy,Fortan Infant realia Double-sided Blackboard Whiteboard Magnetism Drawing board


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Product name: Multifunctional magnetic double side drawing writing board
Package size: 44*36.5*2.8cm
Board size: 43.7*35.5*1.5cm
You can draw the size of the writing board : 28.6*28.6cm
Material : woodiness
Suitable for age: 2 years of age or older baby
Product function: can play to the child’s imagination painting, is
a way to express their feelings. Painting can exercise the child
hands of flexibility and coordination, training children to be good at
observing things to understand things and characteristics. Drawing
can also use the function of the right hemisphere of the brain
development, intellectual development is also highly beneficial, there
are a variety of computing, mom and dad can also teach children to learn the oh
Product features: many functions in addition to the above parts,
also comes with a small computational frame, small ball count,
clock, children will learn better, and is suitable for a wide age. Small
blackboard can free drawing and writing, a blackboard eraser wipe
no, white board magnetic can paste symbols ah what the paste can
also be water strokes to write, written with a brush head, also can
use wet towel wipe, (yeah, so easy, my mother will not worry about
my study), but also a method of mom and dad parent-child

1PC Education board ( Blackboard eraser, a marker, a piece of
chalk, a box of chalk. Five arithmetic symbols, 26 letters, 20 numbers)

  • Xylophone toy sounds very melodious when you knock it.; And each piece of metal knock voice is different.; Can Inspire children’s talent for music.;
  • Bright colors increase the kids sensitive to colors.; Suitable for 6 months to 7 years old baby / kids.;
  • Material: Article aluminum + Wood
  • Style: Wooden frame
  • Recommended Age:6 months- 7 years