BRIO Mini Caterpillar


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Children spend a lot of time playing with their toys on the floor, and toys that can be pushed around are a wonderful way to unlock their imagination. This adorable mini caterpillar is the ideal toy for your youngster to push around and engage with the world around them. It is designed to be small enough for tiny hands, but large enough to make a big impression. Measuring approximately 11 x 5 x 7cm, this strong and solid mini caterpillar is made from FSC certified wood, soft plastic and a bouncy metal spring for the bobbing head. This colourful caterpillar is ideal for children aged 12 months and up. Watch this classic BRIO toy bob its head up and down as it gets pushed forward. BRIO toys are made to inspire young minds, and to let children joyfully discover the world in a safe place. Children develop a range of intellectual, emotional and social skills while they play, and all our products are designed to allow children’s imagination to grow, in the knowledge they are playing with a safe toy. All our products are safety tested, simple and have a robust design. Wooden toys are at the heart of BRIO and all our wooden toys are made from FSC certified wood.

  • Wooden push along mini caterpillar toy
  • Ideal for children aged 12 months and up
  • Made from FSC certified wood, soft plastic and a metal spring for a fun bouncy head
  • Measures approximately 11 x 5 x 7cm
  • The head bobs up and down as the toy is pushed along